Entsa of Appleton
Entsa of Appleton

Hearing Loss Help, Hearing Exams, and Hearing Aids in Appleton

Only one in five people with hearing loss actually seek help, so congratulations on your journey to improving your hearing. A visit to the Audiology Department at Ear, Nose & Throat Surgical Associates, in Appleton, is a big first step. We will evaluate and diagnose hearing loss, as well as appropriately fit hearing aids for individuals of all ages, including children.

Hearing loss is one of the most common health conditions, particularly as people age. Most people over age 65 have some hearing loss, and by age 80, nearly everyone does. Because hearing loss usually occurs gradually over the years, you may not realize your hearing ability has gotten worse.

Do you?

  • Have to ask people to repeat themselves often.
  • Have to strain to hear normal conversation.
  • Have to watch other people's faces very carefully to follow what they're saying.
  • Often misunderstand what people are saying.
  • Turn the volume of the television or radio up so high that others complain.
  • Feel that people are mumbling when they're talking to you.
  • Find that the effort to hear leaves you feeling tired and irritated.
  • Find that when using the telephone, that you hear better with one ear than the other.
Etsa of Appleton

If you answered yes to any of the above, you may want to consider having a hearing test with a hearing professional. Since a hearing aid cannot be prescribed like eye glasses, proper hearing aid recommendation and fitting is dependent on the expertise of the hearing professional selecting the instrument. Options are extensive, enabling hearing loss individuals to experience excellent quality and comfort from their hearing aids. However, the options can be confusing, even overwhelming.

We Strive to simplify the technical jargon and help you become an informed partner in finding your hearing solutions. We evaluate and diagnose your hearing, select and provide the hearing instrument best suited to your needs in addition to offering support, counseling, and service of the hearing system. We will also help you protect your hearing from further deterioration through education about what affects your hearing. This includes the proper use and care of hearing protection devices.

We offer a 45 day trial period for all hearing aid purchases and 2 year warranty (extended warranties available).